Axis TM Series Products

Axis TM Series Models

Axis TM82 Drum Motor

The compact size of the TM82 makes this well suited to narrow conveyor designs and machine intergration.

Axis TM113 Drum Motor

The Axis TM113 drum motor has dimensions compatible with other common brands. A wide range of motor sizes and speeds make this drum motor suitable for many applications.

Axis TM138 Drum Motor

The Axis TM138.1 is the preferred drum motor for conveyors requiring power up to 1kw

Axis TM165 Drum Motor

The Axis TM165 is designed for medium load and high speed applications where reliability is critical.

Axis TM216 Drum Motor

The Axis TM216 is a powerful drum motor which can drive heavy duty belts on medium length conveyors

Axis TM321 Drum Motor

The Axis TM321 is an industrial drum motor which is suited to many conveying applications including bulk handling.

Axis TM415 Drum Motor

The Axis TM415 Drum Motor is designed for bulk handing applications and driving heavy duty plied rubber belts.

Axis TM60 Drum Motor

The Axis TM60 drum motor is a highly compact conveyor drive with a steel planetary gearbox. Its small size makes it ideal small conveyors as well as non belt applications.