Axis RL89 Motorised Pulley

The Axis RL89 is a motorised pulley suited for the powering of pallet conveying systems. It uses a powerful internal motor and the use of gravity rollers to effectively move heavy loads

General Details

General Features

  • Diameter 89mm
  • Low noise enclosed planetary drive system
  • Roller lengths up to 1200mm
  • Three phase motors
  • Insulation class f
  • Galvanised or stainless shell
  • Life lubricated with synthetic grease


Axis RL System Benefits


The Axis RL89 is requires less additional components when compared to a traditional pallet conveying system. When specifying the Axis RL89 consideration must be given to the following points:
Reduced Maintenance: The gearing, reducer and planetary gears of the Axis RL89 are life
lubricated and do not require maintenance.
Reduced Components: No external motor and reducer, chain, sprockets and tensioner or variable speed drive
Simplified Conveyor Structure: Elimination of protection covers enables reduced side frame height.
Faster Assembly: Reduced components allows quicker delivery times.
Faster Installation: Conveyors can be shipped assembled for easy site installation.
Gravity Rollers Construction: As only the Axis RL89 provides motorisation the support rollers do not require additional sprockets. This greatly increases the economy of the design.


  • The Axis RL89 has the same diameter as gravity rollers commonly found in the handling market which
    allows simple retrofitting to existing systems without modification.
  • The enclosed drive system allows handling systems to be utilised in protected and aggressive
    environments. The Axis RL89 requires no grease application and is impervious to dust, particles etc.
    The Axis RL89 is particularly beneficial in food safe areas.
  • The modular construction of conveyor system using the Axis RL89 allows fast interchangeability of
    rollers and should a single motor become damaged it can be removed without stopping production or
    creating down-time.


The enclosed drive of the Axis RL89 doesn’t present any danger to personal working in the general proximity as no pinch points are created in its operation. This means protective covers and guarding may not be required.

Greased components of of a traditional pallet conveying system present contamination issues not present when the Axis RL89 is utilised. The shell can be supplied in galvanized drawn steel or stainless steel for areas food safe requirements.

Technical Info

Axis RL89 0.11Kw 2 Pole Specifications

Power [kW] Speed [m/s] Nominal Torque [Nm] Starting Torque [Nm] Nominal Tension [N] Starting Tension [N]
0.11 0.06 31.8 72.5 714 1629
0.11 0.086 22.4 51.0 503 1146
0.11 0.095 19.9 45.3 447 1018
0.11 0.12 15.8 35.9 354 807
0.11 0.13 14.0 31.9 314 716
0.11 0.15 12.4 28.2 278 634
0.11 0.17 11.2 25.5 251 573
0.11 0.19 9.9 22.5 222 505
0.11 0.22 8.8 20.1 198 453
0.11 0.25 7.8 17.8 175 400
0.11 0.36 5.6 12.8 128 288

Axis RL89 Minimum length is 600mm

Axis RL89 Length and Load Ratings

Length [kW] Maximum Static Load [kg]
600 385
700 370
800 320
900 280
1000 260
1100 225
1200 210
1400 175


Design Options and Accesories

Standard Configuration

  • Cylindrical Galvanised Tube
  • Plastic or Pressed Steel Roller Bearing units
  • Steel planetary gear unit
  • Axial  straight cable exit
  • Thermal protection


Stainless steel shell
Matching idler rollers

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